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The school education system is devised to develop the habit of regular, systematic and methodical study among the students. The assessment is a cumulative record of the year-long work of written and oral exercises with projects and sessions forming the criteria of student's progress. Grading System is followed.



The curriculum at the school is designed to ensure that learning culminates into a joyful experience. It nurtures the creative potential, enhances curiosity and desire for creativity with a sense of enterprise and adventure.

CBSE syllabus with prescribed NCERT books forms the base of curriculum for classes from lower kindergarten (LKG) to X. The focus is a scholastic area hand in hand with developing creative, literary and scientific skills.

English is the medium of instruction throughout the School. Hindi holds a place of very high importance in the curriculum, and every effort is made to ensure that each student reaches a high standard in both the languages.



Academic session in the school is from April to March.


Summer: 1st June - 31st July

Winter: 20th December - 20th January 

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